Join our wildlife monitoring and conservation adventures for a new way to experience Mazatlan and northwest Mexico!

Whether it is watching the amazing humpback whales, swimming with wild dolphins, snorkeling the islands, kayaking among mangroves, or discovering ancient petroglyphs while hiking on a natural protected area, our experienced staff, small group policy, and personal attention make simply the best ecotours in town!

When you travel with Onca Explorations, a portion of your tour fee goes towards local wildlife monitoring and conservation programs, an authentic way to give back while travelling.


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Humpback whale mother and calf pairs early this winter season

Female Humpback whales are thought to reach sexual maturity between 4-6 years of age. They typically breed every two or three years, while they congregate in the breeding grounds at low latitudes. The gestation period lasts for about 11-12 months. The peak months for birth in the Northern Hemisphere are January and February, where females […]

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In December of 2008, National Geographic´s TRAVELER Magazine, on its 10th edition for Mexico, published an article about research-based whale watching in Mazatlan with Onca Explorations.


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