A journey with Onca Explorations will take you to the heart of Mazatlan´s wilderness, throughout an exotic territory of outstanding biodiversity and amazing landscapes shaped by rivers, wetlands, islands, wonderful beaches, esplendorous mountains, and the bluest ocean you´ve ever seen!

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Sail the Bay of Mazatlan on a catamaran, paddle out on a kayak to explore its islands and hidden beaches, go snorkeling or scuba diving at the very best rocky reef locations, join a team of marine scientists and head out sea in search of the espectacular humpback whales, plunge into the cobalt blue waters of the Pacific for amazing underwater encounters with wild dolphins, help baby sea turtles get to sea for the first time, go hiking and birding in the Sierra Madre mountains, or explore one of Mexico’s most extensive mangrove ecosystem! From half and full day excursions to multi-day expeditions, our adventures will fill you up with life changing experiences, long lasting memories and the satisfaction of giving back while taking part on important research and conservation initiatives throughout this important ecoregion.


Amazing encounters

Apart from being a tourist operator, Onca Explorations supports important wildlife research and conservation initiatives throughout the region. Our marine safaris off the coast of Mazatlan are an alternative platform for the monitoring of marine megafauna, including whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, sea birds & sharks. Our citizen science approach to tourism, allows for the systematic documentation of sightings and the use of standard research techniques to collect data that contributes to a better understanding of species ecology, distribution and habitat use. This information is crucial for the development and implementation of proper conservation and management programs.

Other travel experiences we design are aimed to drive social development in rural Mexico. Working close together with people and communities that own access to significant natural areas, we contribute to build and strengthen their capacities for the development and operation of sustainable tourism activities that can generate social and economic benefits as an alternative to traditional economic activities (e.g. artisanal fisheries, agriculture, acuaculture, logging, etc.). Through the practice of sustainable tourism we aim to help build stronger and healthier communities, capable of using their resources wisely, enhancing their livelihoods and improving conditions for the conservation of local wildlife and its habitat.

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In December of 2008, National Geographic´s TRAVELER Magazine, on its 10th edition for Mexico, published an article about research-based whale watching in Mazatlan with Onca Explorations.


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