Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the world, and adventure travel is one of its fastest growing categories. As tourism grows and tourists seek new experiences and destinations, around the world opportunities arise to develop new ways of travel, particularly those aimed to maximize ecological, cultural and economic benefits for local communities and minimize its impacts towards a more sustainable future. We believe tourism has the power of transforming the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. An experience can change our lives and the life of others. When you travel with a cause, possibilities for positive change are endless.


Sea turtle hatchling release Mazatlan with OncaWe are on a mission to enrich and inspire people´s lives by taking them into the wild for amazing encounters with animals in their natural habitat. Our unique travel experiences combine elements of exploration, science, experiential learning and cultural exchange; promoting awareness about values and threats to biodiversity and generating benefits for the study and conservation of wildlife and its habitat.


1376390_10201930369135233_1112858790_nApart from being a tourist operator, our company finances important research and conservation initiatives throughout the region like the monitoring of marine megafauna populations (e.g. humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, sea birds and sharks), marine life stranding attention and great whale entanglement rescue, environmental awereness campaigns and education for conservation workshops at local schools and rural communities.

verdecamacho3We also work tightly with the communities that own access to significant natural areas, helping them build and strengthen their capacities for the development and implementation of sustainable tourism products from which they can get direct benefits as an alternative to traditional economic  activities (e.g. artisanal fisheries, agriculture, acuaculture, logging, etc.), improving their livelihoods, and inspiring them to protect their own resources though a genuine sense of ownership for their natural heritage.


foto-1Our name is a tribute to the Mexican jaguar (Panthera onca), one of the most significant symbols of our prehispanic culture and standard of wealth and natural integrity of Mexico´s wilderness. Despite being the largest wildcat in the Americas, Jaguars have been hunted in great numbers, with their populations decimated and its habitat modified and destroyed in such a way that today, only a few specimens roam the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental in Sinaloa, an important portion of its distribution habitat in Mexico, and a priority region for its conservation.

From the foothills of the Sierra Madre to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes and the Mexican Pacific, Onca Explorations bets on sustainable tourism as the path to maximize environmental, economic and sociocultural benefits, minimizing its negative impacts, contributing to community welfare and the conservation of life support systems.

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In December of 2008, National Geographic´s TRAVELER Magazine, on its 10th edition for Mexico, published an article about research-based whale watching in Mazatlan with Onca Explorations.


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