Dolphins in the Mangroves

Explore the estuaries and coastal lagoons of southern Sinaloa and help a team of marine scientists and local fisherman to track and study the life of bottlenose dolphins inhabiting these waters. Visit the fishing village of Teacapan and take a boat ride through its waterways and extensive mangrove forests, home to a great biodiversity and spectacular scenery. 

Dolphins in the Magroves

    On this adventure, we will visit the fishing village of Teacapán, just 2 hrs south from Mazatlan.  This little town is the gateway to one of Sinaloa´s most important mangrove ecosystems and home to a great biodiversity and a priority region for conservation. Its waterways are home to a population of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) that has been poorly studied and through a citizen science approach we aim to acquire a better understanding about their ecology, distribution and health status in this important region.

    Upon your arrival and after a quick continental breakfast you will join a team of marine scientists on a boat ride to explore the estuaries and coastal lagoons of this amazing tropical ecosystem in search for dolphins. During dolphin encounters, the crew will be taking photographs of the natural markings found on the dolphins dorsal fins for individual identification, collect sighting and behavioural data, and deploy hydrophones to record dolphin whistles, giving you a hands-on experience in cetacean research and documentation methods.

    During the journey you will enjoy some of the best bird watching around and learn about mangrove ecology and local fisheries while exploring the mangrove channels of the estuary. Upon your return to the dock you will enjoy a delicious traditional “Sarandeado Fish” meal and a nice cold beer or drink! During the drive back to Mazatlan we will stop at a lookout to spot for more birds and a last group picture!

    • 6:30 AM   Pickup at your hotel lobby and transfer to Teacapan.

    • 8:30 AM   Arrival at Teacapán | Light continental breakfast & lecture on dolphin and mangrove ecology.
    • 9:00 AM    All aboard! | Boat ride starts.

    • 1:30 PM    Back to dock | Lunch Traditional “Sarandeado Fish”

    • 3:00 PM    Transfer back to Mazatlán

    • 5:30 PM    Drop off at your hotel

    • Discover Sinaloa´s wilderness at its best! while exploring this important ecoregion and special conservation area.

    • Explore Teacapan´s waterways, estuaries and coastal lagoons! This tropical coastal ecosystem is home to a great biodiversity and spectacular scenery.

    • Great wildlife photo opportunities!

    • An experience that gives back! When you join this expedition you support important research and conservation initiatives, and contribute to improve the livelihoods of local communities.

    • Extra optional activities: FISH YOUR OWN MEAL! Our hosts are excellent local fishermen that will help you get the catch of the day!. Ask for pricing!



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    Small groups & personal attention for a unique experience in nature.


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