Wild Dolphin Adventure


    A team of experienced explorers, marine ecologists and photographers will guide your adventure out sea on a quest for amazing encounters with one of the ocean´s most gracious and clever creatures: dolphins. Get ready to become a marine biologist for a day as we set to explore the pelagic waters off Mazatlan to search, track and study the ecology of up to three species of dolphins and inhabit these waters year-round.

    On board, our team will share interesting facts about the marine environment and real-time insight into the lives of dolphins while collecting scientific data and footage for current research and conservation projects. During our dolphin encounters, we will be taking photographs of the natural markings found on the dolphins dorsal fins for individual identification, collect sighting data, and deploy hydrophones to record dolphin whistles, giving you a hands-on experience in cetacean research and documentation methods.

    Once data has been collected and upon sea conditions and type of dolphin groups, we will enter the water to swim with them! These are wild dolphins, they are not confined or trained, so we follow their agenda, sometimes they are curious and seek interactions, others not so much, but the mere fact of being in the water around them and watch them swim gracefully under the blue ocean is a once in a lifetime experience!

    On our way to shore or while cruising the Bay of Mazatlan, there is always a good chance of close encounters with other fascinating marine life like sea turtles, sea lions, manta rays, and a great diversity of marine and coastal birds. Plus! we will visit some of the greatest locations at Venados and Pájaros Islands for some of the best snorkeling around, all on the same trip!

    7:20 AM….. Pickup starts (exact time may vary depending on your hotel location)

    7:45 AM….. Arrive at Marina. Welcome by our crew with a briefing on dolphin ecology and conservation, security measures and swim with wild dolphins protocol.

    8:00 AM….. Expedition begins: Navigate offshore in search for dolphins and other marine life. Approximate travel time to dolphin aggregation areas and search may take 1 hr. or more. Time following, documenting and swimming with dolphins 2.5-3.5 hrs.

    12:00 PM…. Back to shore for some island snorkelling fun!

    1:00 PM…..  Back at Marina and transfer to your hotel.

    • A once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat!
    • Our boats provide a great platform to ensure a more intimate encounter with marine life and awesome photography opportunities.
    • Small groups and personal attention by our highly qualified crew, allow for individual discussions about the lives of dolphins and local environment as well as updated information about their study and conservation in Mexico.
    • Hydrophone on board to listen to dolphin whistles!
    • Proceeds from this tour support local marine life research and conservation programs

    Please do not contribute to the capture and captivity of dolphins for display and entertainment, it is a cruel industry. If you love dolphins, visit them in their natural habitat and enjoy the real Sea World! #emptythetanks

    A collection of images from our Wild Dolphin Adventures |

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    “Abosolutley Unforgettable” | We managed to organise a last minute dolphin adventure with ONCA and were so pleased we did as it was the highlight of our vacation. Setting off from the yacht club our skipper and Jesus Manuel radioed local fishermen to find where the pods of dolphins were located, speeding over 22 miles offshore and without land in sight we hit the jackpot with a pod of over 800 managing to swim with them. This experience will stay with me for ever. The mutual curiousness between the dolphins and myself was fascinating. If you are in Mazatlan you have to do this! The team at ONCA are awesome! | Tom Bramble, Vancouver, Canada. Visited January 2017


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    In December of 2008, National Geographic´s TRAVELER Magazine, on its 10th edition for Mexico, published an article about research-based whale watching in Mazatlan with Onca Explorations.


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