Las Labradas Petroglyphs

Logo labradasJoin us on a journey back in time and re-live thousands of years of ancient cultural traditions while we explore one of northern Mexico´s most captivating archeological sites: Las Labradas petroglyphs.

    Located on a beautiful sandy beach only 35 miles north of Mazatlan, this archaeological site comprises a unique mantle of volcanic rocks that feature over two hundred drawings carved by ancient nomadic cultures dated as far back as 2,000 years B.C., known as one of the most ancient cultural expressions in northern Mexico, and the only petroglyph site on a beachside location in the Americas.

    Las Labradas beach is located within one of Sinaloa’s biggest natural protected area, the Meseta de Cacaxtla, with over 50,000 hectares encompassing different ecosystems, particularly dry tropical forest and a rich diversity of wildlife. This ecotour is a great option for avid bird watchers, as well as nature and culture enthusiasts!

    While exploring Las Labradas site, your expedition guide will share with you interesting facts about the their origin and the messages behind the petroglyphs, which depict animals, people and other elements of nature composing the visions, beliefs and cosmogony of the native people many centuries past.

    After exploring the site you will have time to enjoy of a beautiful isolated pristine beach, take a splash, a long walk or simply relax. We will also have time to visit Las Labradas museum, with interesting exhibits about archaeological findings in the region and its natural history.

    • 8:00 AM    Pickup service at your hotel (exact time may vary depending on your hotel location).
    • 8:20 AM    Ground transportation to site (approx. 45 min).
    • 9:00 AM    Arrive at archaeological site: We will first visit the site´s museum, a project by INAH (Anthropology and History National Institute) where we will have a brief lecture on the site´s natural and archaeological history.
    • 9:30 AM    Welcome by our local hosts/ group activity to learn about the natural protected area and conservation efforts taking place in the área.
    • 10:00 AM   Guided visit to Las Labradas petroglyphs.
    • 11:30 AM   Time to relax, swim or take a walk along a pristine isolated beach.
    • 12:30 AM   Traditional lunch with local family. A great space for cultural exchange!
    • 13:30 AM   Back to Mazatlan.
    • 14:15 AM  Drop off at your hotel.
    • Visit one of the most ancient cultural expressions in northern Mexico and one of Sinaloa`s largest natural protected área, Meseta de Cacaxtla.

    • Small groups and personal attention by our highly qualified and knowledgeable  expedition guides allow for individual discussions about the site´s natural history and the hidden message behind ancient petroglyphs.

    • Relax at a beautiful isolated beach, take a splash, a long walk or simply lay back!

    • Includes entrance fee to Las Labradas museum.

    • Includes entrance fee for Meseta de Cacaxtla´s natural protected area. This fee helps maintain the site and finance environmental education and conservation programs.

    • Tourism that cares: A unique opportunity to get to now the real rural Mexico! enjoy a delicious traditional lunch hosted by a local family, get to know the people that live and work within this important natural protected area and support their livelihoods and conservation efforts.




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